Classic & Volume eyelash extension


In a  welcoming ambient, the eyelash extension technicien is about to find out how you're expectant your lashes to look like,natural or glamorous and then you will choose the length,thickness and the curl that will fit you best.

The procedure is not painful at all,while it will be applied  lash by lash.
It is required a touch -up session every 3-4 weeks, a touch-up procedure last 1 hour .

For a radiant glamorous look try eyelash extensions,clasic or volume which will be perfectlly  adapted to your eyes.

You can wake up every day having the pleasure of feeling gorgeous without using any mascara.
Hollywood started in the field of eyelash extensions,celebrities are charmed by them, and wear them with pride both on the red carpet and in everyday life.
The eyelashes extensions are in the top beauty methods worldwide.